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Pippins Parrot Rescue

Founded in 2000, Fiona has taken in a great number of various parrots for many different reasons. One of the most common reason being owners not realising just how long many of these parrots can live in captivity. Parrots of all shapes and sizes have a very high level of intelligence. Some say they can have the intelligence of a two or three year old human child, which for a bird is pretty impressive. For this reason alone, many parrots’ needs are misunderstood and can often display frustration or boredom both vocally or destructively. Not an ideal behaviour for a family pet. This is often the highest cause for many parrots to become unwanted and encourage owners to give them up. Some parrots can end up being moved on many times during their life as a result of these displacement behaviours and this alone can cause more problems for the birds, resulting in stress and other stress related behaviours that can also make a parrot an unwanted bird. Here at Pippins Parrot Rescue we endeavour to rehabilitate those birds that are receptive, and offer a happy social environment for the birds to live out their days. This can take a lot of time and devotion, not to mention patience and care to understand and care for each and every bird’s individual needs. Many of the parrots that enjoy human interaction and are often ‘friendly’ can spend time in our pet shop to see daily activities and meet people on a regular basis. This all aids in providing stimulus to their daily requirements. Diet can also be very important to encourage a healthy, happy bird. Many birds can be sensitive to ‘improper’ foods, and sometimes without intention, owners can do more harm than good by giving their birds the wrong type of food or treat. Most parrots enjoy a varied diet of seeds, nuts and fruits. This does differ from not only different species, but even between individual birds with clear likes and dislikes. Carful observation and time is taken to ensure each bird has their own individual required diet on a daily basis. Therefore leading to happy parrots.